London Cycling.

I love London Cycling.

London is such a vibrant place to cycle, I do complain a lot about the weather like almost everyone in London does, but I can’t knock the cycling opportunities that lie within London.

First of all there’s the parks.

My personal favourite is Hyde and Richmond Park. Richmond Park for me is my weekly challenge, with its sharp inclines and sudden step hills, with its steep downhills where you can really put the racer bars to work.

Hyde Park and the Serpentine are more shorter cycles that give plenty of eye catching scenery, and also they are smooth to ride on whereas Richmond could do with a resurface in parts!

Cycles along the river and around Green park and buckingham palace are also great places to cycle, as you can really make use of the new cycle superhighways that are far mores after than riding along with the busy London Traffic!

I shall be posting more and will be making a video with all of these rides included soon so keep your eyes peeled!


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