Looking up

Iโ€™ve had an up and down year so far. More ups than downs but downs nonetheless.

I have been pushed to my limits, physically and mentally.

Iโ€™ve laughed, loved and cried.

Finally however things are starting to look up. Iโ€™ve cracked down and been full steam ahead on my career, setting up the foundations for when I commit myself fully in September. Iโ€™ve got back to doing things Iโ€™ve loved, gone on many cycles and explored different parts of London Iโ€™ve never visited during my nearly 20 years of living here.

Iโ€™ve met new people, refined my vision, set my goals.

I finally feel in a place where Iโ€™m happy and content and where the future looks bright.

Iโ€™ll be posting more as I have been distant for this very reason. Stories to tell, journeys to take.

Watch this space ๐Ÿ™‚ things look bright once again ๐Ÿ™‚

B x x x


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