So today I went to see the movie Dunkirk. I was stunned. It has to be the best movie I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot! The awe of the film, the shocking and harrowing images of the soldiers both French and British being torn apart by German bombs on the beaches of Dunkirk, showing … Continue reading Dunkirk.


Now my last posts in my diary have been very negative and about the dark places I’ve been, let me tell you of the good times and how I feel now 🙂 Now as I said I’ve had ups in my life as well as downs, and these ups have been amazing. Ive met amazing … Continue reading Vol III

Vol II

Im a very complex person. Now to settle this now Im not about to come out as a Psychopath, but no person is clean cut, if they say they are they are lying. During my dark times of my life, I always had one thing on my mind, how the hell am I going to … Continue reading Vol II

Vol I.I

My life so far has been pretty good. More so lately. Like any life and anybody, I’ve had my fair share of downs and fair share of ups. I feel ready for a big challenge, my personal life is coming together, my business is coming together, I feel something big is going to occur to … Continue reading Vol I.I