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Midnight Memories.

My mind is always on fire at night. Its nocturnal.

Thats why most of my blog posts have been written at Midnight and posted the next day. Its something I’ve always done.

More so lately.

Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind.

Dean Koontz



B x x x x


A Fresh Lick of Paint.

Recently, a genius. Angel. Wizard. Creative Visionary. Pointed something out to me. I have always been a Little monster at heart, and love to listen to a bit of Mother Monster now and then (More like everyday!)

Now one song in particular stands out, Born This Way.

I like this song a lot and it has a lot of relevance in the LGBT community for its strength and highlighting of the community, something she has always done with her music, because she is a true queen of course.

Ha now I’m rambling, basically thisΒ genius, Angel, Wizard, Creative Visionary, did something I have never done. Give this blog a name.

Yeah its called Brandon Bourne but come on, I could have thought of something more revolutionary than my name, gosh thats so bland!

So this…. you get the point, amazing person suggested I play on my surname, being Bourne, and make it Bourne This Way. Genius Right! His talent is just beyond belief. How I did not think of that astounds me, but here we are the new name of my blog, it finally has a name, I also put a slightly fresh lick of paint haha because wellllll why not!

Enjoy my blog folks, and if you have already, keep enjoying it as more and more posts are coming!

Bourne This Way.


B x x x

London is my home, and evil will never bring it down.

The latest Terror attack on London late Saturday night, is a stark reminder of the new world we live in.

The last major Terror attack to hit the streets of London before 2017, was the 7th July 2005.

However this year alone, London has seen two major attacks, Westminster and now London bridge, and then the Manchester attack only two weeks ago. Three months has seen three attacks.

This is the world we live in today.

However my view point of this scenario is one of, if the attacks are becoming more frequent, this shows that they (the evil in the world) are growing scared of our togetherness.

After every single attack, we have united, in Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge. The attacks abroad too, Paris, Brussels, all over the world. Theres always a sense of Unity, something that the evil of this world seems to hate, and thats good.

I will never be scared off by terrorism. I live in London, go to University in Westminster, and travel the tube and bus network everyday. I cycle over Westminster bridge on a daily basis and have cycled across most of Londons bridges quite frequently.

There will never be a day when terror will stop me doing my day to day life. Once I do that, they win, they succeed. They want us to stop and be fearful. Thats why the London Bridge Attackers wore fake bomb vests, they know it will spark fear into the city. But it didn’t and it won’t. We are too united in our values of good, our values of love.

Love trumps hate every time, and never forget that.

My thoughts are with the families of loved ones who were injured or killed in Saturdays attack in London, and for any possible future attacks, your time is running out evil.

There will come a day when evil will die and good rules the world, and the more they attack us, the quicker that day will come.



After recently turning 19, what happened after my 18th birthday?

A year can pack a lot of milestones. This year was no exception. On Saturday the 22nd April, yours truly turned 19, finally, so now would be a good time to reflect on another year that has passed. So what happened after my 18th birthday last year.

The single biggest milestone would be starting University. I started in September 2016, and this was a huge change. I met brand new people, who now are some of my closest friends, and some being friends for life. I have adapted to the new learning style, and love the way we learn in our course, from sitting in the circle to working on new personal project for the first time. This is great and I would never go back.

Socially as well, I feel I have developed so much since my last birthday, I’m more confident and feel more proud of my work and what I have achieved, what I’ve been able to conquer since last year.

I still have a long way to go, but at 19, I feel like a completely different person to when I became 18 a year ago, and hopefully this time next year, when I hit 20, I would have changed and developed even more, academically, and as a person.

See ya soon!

Brandon x

The wind can be strong, but don’t fall.

If you have read my last posts, life at the moment has been rather stressful for many different reasons, however the biggest reason of them all to come to head this week was moving out. Being a student in London, I want to move out, be independent and stand on my own two feet. I stayed home for my first year of Uni however for the second year I made it my aim to move out. The original plan drawn out was for five of us to move out and occupy a five bed flat, and split the rent, however again being in London, made this rather difficult. Students that were there wanted to stay, and then the ones available were very expensive due to high demand, so we were effectively priced out.

This made me stress a lot. I didn’t want to do the move and then regret it because I couldn’t afford it financially, as I don’t want money problems effecting my work that I have to do for my degree. We faced some very difficult questions at this point.

However we found this great place in wembley that is currently being built as we speak and will be ready when we move in September. Its student accommodation but has free access to a 24/7 gym, cinema, and great social space. Its modern, new and bright and open, it was perfect! (We viewed the building in shore ditch that will be recreated in Wembley). We also get access to this workspace called WeWork that houses offices for our own project, and again more social space that works for the entrepreneurs we aspire to be.

Now This is when the mega stress from this week comes in. The spearhead of the house hunting had their heart set on a room that was priced at Β£195pw, and then also put down their deposit, leaving the rest of us flummoxed. I could do and was ok with that price, however when i found the same building does rooms that take two students and the rooms Β£160pw, my heart was set on that, saving more money and being able to be in the same building and get the same benefits.

However disagreement continued between the ‘head’ and the rest of us, who wanted to branch off and go down the cheaper route. Two of the group did move and left the two of us.

To top this fine story off, I was then selling the benefits and the reasons why we should go to a two bed flat and save money. However he then slapped me in the face with a rather pathetic excuse for not moving and remained set on the Β£195pw room, leaving me left stranded, as rooms where going fast.

Luckily I secured one of the rooms I wanted, slightly higher at Β£180 but only because it was a more ‘deluxe’ so to speak room.

The morale I got out of this story is that people can paint the picture they are fully behind you. They support you every step of the way and they do indeed take your opinions into account. Be warned. Not everyone is like this however so let me be clear, Im not in anyway saying be careful of everything every single one us say, but be cautious. As his true colours showed in the end, and almost ruined my ambition to move for this year within an evening.

However I am glad it happened now and not if we did end up living with each other, because now I have got the room I wanted, the place I wanted and I am still around the others who were also subject to this sudden darkness that overshadowed our drive to be independent. Don’t fall down and back down to disbelievers and individuals who seek to make you bend to their will, their agenda, your an individual too! Make sure you get your say in things, your voice heard, don’t be unwillingly pushed into something that you don’t believe in.

So enough about that, Now Im happy, as Im typing this post, the sun in shining to a very bustling, yet mellow day in London!

SoΒ ciao!

Until the next post! (Which will be soon!)

Brandon xΒ 

Public Speaking has become something I’ve learnt to love

I never used to like public speaking. Anything with the word presentation in scared me, a lot!

That’s when I got into making presentations about something I love, technology.

In secondary school I conducted my first presentation, to my year group, all about an app I was developing. When I look back on it it probably wasn’t my best, but at that moment in time, it was a huge deal for me.

It was the thing that broke my fear of speaking. In front of over 70 people, who were probably not even interested in technology, my speech and presentation helped smash the fear of speaking I had beforehand.

My First Presentation

The thing I learnt when I looked back at why it was this particular presentation that killed that fear. It simply was because it was something I loved. When someone forces you to present about the battle of Hastings or a the workings of an income statement, you are of course going to be nervous because it was something that you have no background knowledge about, so you have to rely on knowledge you have acquired over the week or day that you had to prepare. With something you love, you can ramble on for ages about how great it is, like I did for my app. I love technology. I live and breathe technology, so when I had the chance to present about my app, I took the chance in no time!

Now, I actively look for when I can present! It’s really, really good!

So if you are afraid of public speaking, I would suggest doing a talk or something in public about something you love, then you kno have what your taking about and can be a lot more confident in teaching what you know to others!