So today I went to see the movie Dunkirk. I was stunned. It has to be the best movie I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot! The awe of the film, the shocking and harrowing images of the soldiers both French and British being torn apart by German bombs on the beaches of Dunkirk, showing … Continue reading Dunkirk.

Looking up

I’ve had an up and down year so far. More ups than downs but downs nonetheless. I have been pushed to my limits, physically and mentally. I’ve laughed, loved and cried. Finally however things are starting to look up. I’ve cracked down and been full steam ahead on my career, setting up the foundations for … Continue reading Looking up

Getting back on the horse after you fall is hard, but it’s not impossible.

If you have read my last three blog posts, lately things haven’t been very easy for me, for various reasons. That’s part of the reason why I’ve been a little quiet. However things have been a little lighter and are starting to turn around, I’m setting my mind to my first pride on Saturday, my … Continue reading Getting back on the horse after you fall is hard, but it’s not impossible.


Liability is something I’ve dicscovered only recently. I’ve been a great fan of Lorde ever since her debut Pure Heroine. The song is a new one, from her new album Melodrama, which on a whole I absolutely love. This song in particular however connects to me very deeply. My favourite part of the song is … Continue reading Liability.

Letting go II.

So this is a post and topic I’ve written about before. This ones different. Recently I’ve had to say goodbye, hopefully not forever but who knows, to something incredibly close to me. Basically read Distance, and you will know what I’m saying goodbye too and it won’t sound like such a riddle. Something. Someone. I … Continue reading Letting go II.


Distances suck. In many ways. Distance in conversation, distance in general. I don’t like it. When it comes to Long Distance ‘Relationships’, they suck too, well, the distance bit anyway. I have always found people who were involved in a long distance relationship very odd, in a nice way. How could they love someone who … Continue reading Distance.