Now my last posts in my diary have been very negative and about the dark places I’ve been, let me tell you of the good times and how I feel now 🙂 Now as I said I’ve had ups in my life as well as downs, and these ups have been amazing. Ive met amazing … Continue reading Vol III

Vol I.I

My life so far has been pretty good. More so lately. Like any life and anybody, I’ve had my fair share of downs and fair share of ups. I feel ready for a big challenge, my personal life is coming together, my business is coming together, I feel something big is going to occur to … Continue reading Vol I.I

Looking up

I’ve had an up and down year so far. More ups than downs but downs nonetheless. I have been pushed to my limits, physically and mentally. I’ve laughed, loved and cried. Finally however things are starting to look up. I’ve cracked down and been full steam ahead on my career, setting up the foundations for … Continue reading Looking up


Liability is something I’ve dicscovered only recently. I’ve been a great fan of Lorde ever since her debut Pure Heroine. The song is a new one, from her new album Melodrama, which on a whole I absolutely love. This song in particular however connects to me very deeply. My favourite part of the song is … Continue reading Liability.

Letting go II.

So this is a post and topic I’ve written about before. This ones different. Recently I’ve had to say goodbye, hopefully not forever but who knows, to something incredibly close to me. Basically read Distance, and you will know what I’m saying goodbye too and it won’t sound like such a riddle. Something. Someone. I … Continue reading Letting go II.